Asphalt Parking Lot Line Striping

So you got your brand new asphalt parking lot but your customers don’t know where to park. Driveway sealing is only half the job, we can finish it with custom line striping. DiMartino Paving and sealcoating have all of your parking lot striping solutions. We will design and paint your parking lot spots exactly to your specifications. Our layouts are measured to the perfect dimensions and proportions to ensure you get the most parking spaces possible of your lot. Any paving contractor can pave your parking lot, but we work with our customers to paint your parking lot as you need.

Maximum Parking Spaces

Line Striping is just as important to us as paving and sealcoating. DiMartino Paving is one of the only paving companies the Hudson Valley, NY to offer quality parking lot striping. We use state of the art equipment to precisely measure and layout parking spots that give your the most spots for your money. Each parking lot is different, which is why we customize our parking lot painting just for you.

Straightest Lines Possible

Straight lines are a critical component of an effective parking lot. If your parking spots are crooked or uneven, your lot could be a mess. We are one of the only paving contractors in the area to use top of the line equipment to ensure your parking lot painting is done correctly and evenly.

Our customers love our work.

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